“Spa to Go” is our premier in home spa service for residents of Los Angeles. Many people in LA often experience unwanted stress commuting around the city, trying to handle busy schedules and managing their daily activities. Other people are unable to visit day spas because they have health issues that prevent them from commuting. For these reasons, we bring the spa to you! Whether in your home or in another location where you are in need of ultimate relaxation, Be Well Inc. is here to serve you. You can choose from different modalities such as Thai, sports, reflexology, hands and feet, shiatsu, hot stone massage and much more. And if you have a pet that needs is in need of a massage, we can help with that as well! Our therapists are highly trained and will give you the treatment that is best suited to your needs.

Massage promotes relaxation and gives you a feeling of well being. Not only does it help the healing process, but it is also a wonderful preventative. Everyone relates to touch and regular massage therapy can ease stress and help with chronic pain. If you suffer from arthritis, sports injuries or migraine headaches, our therapists can help.

“Spa to Go” Los Angeles offers clients the best possible treatments. You can choose from a one off treatment, or opt for weekly or monthly therapy sessions. Our knowledgeable staff will know which modality will work best for you.

One of our most popular massages is the Be Well Massage. This wonderful treatment combines Swedish and deep tissue therapies that relieve muscle tension and remove those painful knots. Or if you prefer a more gentle approach, our therapists will certainly accommodate your requests.

Sit in your garden and have a professional massage therapist work on your hands, feet and head. Lay on our massage table in your den and let us work on your shoulders, neck and back. Or, If you and your friends want to have a spa day at home, consider having a spa party. Our staff can come to your home and give you and your friends a yoga class, massage treatments, chair massages, fresh face massages, and lower leg and feet treatments. After your massage, treat yourselves to a facial, and maybe have your hair and make up done at home as you prepare for an evening out on the town. Be Well Incorporated will bring the holistic experience to you.

Please call Spa Services for a consultation at 310.614.7455—or email us at bewell@thankyouandbewell.com to receive more information, book a package—and experience the luxury of “Spa to Go” Los Angeles.