Be Well Incorporated (BWI) is a full-service holistic wellness team that specializes in the creation of customized wellness experiences that empower clients to be well – to exist in a state of balance through awareness and integration of mind, body, and spirit. This distinction allows BWI to address the needs of a growing population whose perspective is increasingly focused on the prevention of dis-ease. BWI’s innovative services are performed by the highest quality of hand-selected and extensively trained professionals.

Massage & Body

Be Well is your go-to body work headquarters. With endless modalities gathered from all corners of the earth, you will never run out of ways to relax and be well. We have several locations throughout LA for your next massage or body treatment. Or, stay home and we will bring the world of wellness to you!

Skin Care & Beauty

The skin is our largest organ and our masters of skin care know how to care for your skin as well as show you how to best nurture it at home for longevity, strength and beauty.


Yoga has many healthy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Originating in ancient India, the Sanskrit word 'yug' means 'union', and in yoga, we unite our spirits, minds and our bodies through breath, mantra and movement. Be Well offers several styles of yoga as well as personal training and other ways to move yourself to wellness!